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Kame ManNen 100
Kame ManNen 100Kame ManNen 100Kame ManNen 100Kame ManNen 100

Kame ManNen 100

By: Kame ManNen

KMN 100

KMN 100
Kame ManNen 100


Kame ManNen 703


From a strong thought that you want it to be a strong glasses that can be used forever, excerpts from a proverb "Tsuru is a thousand years turtle a million years" and is named "Kamemannen".

Located near the center of Japan, Sabae is a city where glasses manufacturing is very crowded, and boasts more than 90% domestic glasses market share. Titanium eyeglass frame technology is famous worldwide.

Complimentary shipping to the US and flat international shipping is available for Kame MenNen. $100 off a complete pair when RX lenses are ordered. Contact us for prescription lenses at theeyebar@icloud.com.