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Kame ManNen 81
Kame ManNen 81Kame ManNen 81Kame ManNen 81

Kame ManNen 81

By: Kame ManNen

KMN 81

Kame ManNen 81
Kame ManNen 81


Classic nickel free titanium full rimmed round frames handmade in Japan. Classic, Modern and Vintage eyewear all wrapped up in one frame.

Included with this frame is an authentic Kame ManNen eyeglass case, a cleaning cloth and cleaning spray.

Japan's oldest optical frame collection, Kame ManNen, was introduced in the late 1940's by Mr Kikujiro Kimura, a founder of the manufacturer that was established since 1917. He wanted to make optical frames of the highest quality that would endure the test of time. The name of the collection is derived from a Japense proverb that turtles live for 10,000 years, meaning the collection shall be a timeless one. Kame ManNen has been true to its philosophy in styling and quality.

Kame ManNem believes that optical frames are not just tools for eyesight, but should reflect your true personality. Kame ManNen is not a trend product but is a classical concept that utilizes new technolgy and materials maintaining the craftsmanship from a time long ago.

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