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Lytot One Size 0-24 months Pacifier

Lytot One Size 0-24 months Pacifier

By: Lytot

Lytot One Size

Lytot Pacifier One Size
Lytot Pcifier Sunglass One Size
Adjustable, made for children 0-24 months and includes 2 pacifiers

Ahmed ZEKRI’s daughter once visited him in his frame factory. She then dropped her pacifier nearby a sunglasses. The concept of Lytot, assembling a pacifier and sun glasses, was born.

Her daughter, like many infant does not stand to wear sunglasses for more than few minutes. Most of the time kids feel uncomfortable with the temple or the neckband.
Eventually, he imagined sunglasses mounted on to a pacifier she will naturally wear giving her optimal protection.

Lytot is designed for infant from 0 to 36 months,

Lytot is available with 5 different shapes, 4 pastel colours (crystal, pink, blue and green), and 2 sizes :
Small size is designed for children from 0 to 12 month and includes 2 pacifiers 0 to 12 months
Medium size is designed for children from 6 to 36 month and includes 2 pacifiers 6 to 36 months.

Lytot is made in France.


Lytot’s specifications are far beyond current glasses norms: To maximise safety of your infant, Lytot successfully qualified for the EN71-x infant care standard which guarantees a Phtalate free product.

Lytot is hand cut in France from bio sourced cellulose acetate. This special acetate is produce exclusively from natural product and is thus oil free.

Lyot will be custom fitted by the optician (arms between the bottom of circles and the comforter clip) to fit the morphology of the infant.


LYTOT lens have been developed specially for children, and is designed to stop the dazzling blue light. These BLUE BLOCKER lens stops 90% of blue light when widespread smoked coloured lens blocks only 80 % of it.
BLUE BLOCKER lens are Bisphenol A free, which is not the case to polycarbonate lenses usually used for children sunglasses. Biphenol A is mutagen, it is being scrutinised but not yet ban for nursing bottle norms. Our pro-active approach is to exclude Biphenol-A from LYTOT.

LYTOT compiling with both infant care and glasses norms, it is an insurance for the parent to protect their infant’ eyes with the highest safety standards.